Gaggenau al200180, 200 series, table fan, 80 cm, clear glass
SKU: AL200180 | GTIN: 4242006292812
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  • extendable table ventilation, can be completely retracted into the worktop when not in use
  • Perfect combination of cooking and ventilation with frameless 80 cm wide induction cooktops for flush installation in a common countertop cutout
  • Transparent ventilation panel for discreet integration into the kitchen environment
  • ambient lighting on the glass edges
  • Guided air technology enables high vapor capture across the entire cooktop
further details
  • extendable table ventilation, can be completely retracted into the worktop when not in use
  • Perfect combination of cooking and ventilation with frameless 80 cm wide induction cooktops for flush installation in a common worktop cutout
  • Transparent ventilation panel for discreet integration into the kitchen environment
  • ambient lighting on the glass edges
  • Guided air technology enables high vapor capture across the entire cooktop
  • Power and noise, level 3/Intensive:
  • Air performance according to en 61591.
  • Sound power level according to en 60704-3.
  • Odor reduction with recirculation air according to en 61591.
  • exhaust air:
  • 501 / 775 m³/h.
  • 62 / 70 dB (a) re 1 pW.
  • Recirculation (with standard activated carbon filter):
  • 447 / 562 m³/h.
  • 65 / 70 dB (a) re 1 pW.
  • Odor reduction: > 90%.
  • White ambient lighting on the edges of the glass. Color can be adjusted via the Home Connect app.
  • Cooktop-based ventilation control.
  • automatic function with sensor-controlled overrun.
  • 3 electronically controlled power levels and 1 intensive level.
  • Grease filter saturation indicator.
  • activated charcoal filter saturation indicator.
  • Included are 2 large metal grease filters, easy to remove and dishwasher safe.
  • Overflow capacity 170 ml in the grease filter. 600 ml additional capacity in the blower module.
  • activated charcoal filter for easy removal from the top in recirculation mode.
  • Gaggenau black anodized aluminum frame.
  • 1 control panel for setting the power levels and 1 control panel for Guided air technology.
  • Blower technology with high efficiency brushless DC motor (BLDC).
  • Flexible installation of blower modules at the front (for compact wall solution), rear (for island solution without loss of drawer depth) or at a distance from the unit.
  • Home network integration for digital services (Home Connect) wirelessly via WiFi.
  • The use of the Home Connect function depends on the Home Connect services, which are not available in every country. For more information, visit
Consumption data
  • Energy efficiency class a on a scale of efficiency classes from a+++ to D.
  • Average energy consumption 36.9 kWh/year.
  • Fan efficiency class a.
  • Lighting efficiency class -.
  • Grease filter efficiency class B.
  • Noise min. 39 dB / max. 62 dB normal level.
Planning information
  • Can be combined with frameless induction hobs of the 400 series (cx 482) or the 200 series (ci 282 / ci 283) in a common worktop cutout for flush installation.
  • When installing in a common countertop cutout, the Va 200 080 installation accessory must be used between the appliances. This contains a connecting strip and furniture braces to ensure the stability of the furniture.
  • Can be combined with 400 series induction hobs (cx 482 / vi 482) or 200 series induction hobs (ci 282 / ci 283) in two separate worktop cut-outs for surface installation.
  • For surface mounting, the aa 200 900 accessory is required.
  • The table ventilation can be installed either in the furniture or between two pieces of furniture (e.g. installation in an island solution for a depth over 100 cm).
  • Furniture width 90 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm.
  • To ensure optimal performance, do not install wall units above the table ventilation.
  • The following distances must be observed:
  • - 65 cm from the table ventilation to open shelves.
  • - 50 cm to the left and right of the table ventilation to the wall or to an adjacent tall cabinet.
  • - 5 cm from the frame of the table ventilation to the wall.
  • - 2 cm from the Guided air intake area to a furniture wall.
  • The installation is suitable in countertops made of stone, synthetic material or solid wood. Heat resistance and waterproof sealing of the cut edges must be considered. For other materials, consult the countertop manufacturer for use.
  • Recommended worktop thickness for flush installation in a common worktop cutout: 16 - 45 mm.
  • The load-bearing capacity and stability, especially with thin worktops, must be ensured by suitable substructures. Take into account the weight of the unit including additional load.
  • Whatever installation situation, the fan unit should always be accessible.
  • For staggered installation of the fan units, the aa 200 910 accessory set is required (with interchangeable covers for closing the air outlets). Maximum distance between the table ventilation and the blower module 3 m.
  • In exhaust air mode, a backflow damper with a maximum opening pressure of 65 Pa should be installed.
  • In exhaust air mode, always ensure sufficient draught if the unit is used simultaneously with a room-air dependent fireplace.
  • The pressure-stable blower allows piping up to 8m with 3x90° bends while maintaining adequate performance.
  • For optimal performance in recirculation mode, a discharge area of min. 400 cm² is recommended.
  • A recirculation module is required for recirculation operation.
connection data
  • Total connected load 300 W.
  • connection cable 1.3 m with plug.
  • Power standby/display off 0.4 W.
  • Please follow the instructions in the user manual if you want to switch off the WiFi function.
  • Product series: 200 series
  • Color device: Black
  • Basic product colorblack
  • Housing color: Black
  • Specify case material: Glass
  • Type of construction: Downdraft/table fan
  • Control: Electronic
  • Designbuilt-in
  • type of installationbuilt-in
  • ControlstouchControl
  • Decorative: Not applicable
  • Fan position: Motor in housing
  • type of air duct: Convertible
  • connected load: 300 W
  • fuse protection: 10
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Frequency: 50; 60 TPU00040
  • approval certificates: , ce, EaC-Eurasian, G-Mark, VDE
  • Length of connection cable130 cm
  • Plug type: Schuko/Gardy.w.grounding
  • Appliance width79,2 cm
  • Device depth14 cm
  • Packed unit height61 cm
  • Width of packed unit114 cm
  • Depth packed product87 cm
  • Minimum niche width78,1 cm
  • Maximum niche width78,1 cm
  • Niche depth12,3 cm
  • Net weight: 39,9 kg
  • Gross weight: 46,9 kg
  • Height chimney exhaust max.: 95,9 cm
  • Height chimney exhaust air min.: 70,9 cm
  • Height chimney recirculation max.95,9 cm
  • Height chimney recirculation min.70,9 cm
  • application of the EU Energy Consumption Directiveyes
  • Average annual energy consumption: 36.9 kWh/year
  • Liquid dynamic efficiency (2010/30/EU): 29.6
  • Grease filter efficiency (2010/30/EU): 90.7 %
  • Max. Air volume: 501 m³/h
  • Minimum air flow: 223.4 m³/h
  • Air flow amplified (2010/30/EU): 774.9 m³/h
  • Loudness at max. speed (2010/30/EC)62 dB
  • Loudness at min. speed (2010/30/EC)39 dB
  • Volume amplified (2010/30/EC)70 dB
  • Energy consumption in standby mode (2010/30/EC): 0.41 W
  • Sound power dB: 62 dB(a) re 1 pW
  • Noise level with fast cooking position (booster)70 dB(a) re 1 pW
  • Energy smart appliance, can optimize consumption behavior (2017/1369/EU): No
  • Wireless communication possible: Yes, built in the device
  • Network broadband technology: Not applicable
  • SIM card slot availableno
  • Communication technology usedwiFi
  • type of interface for control: LaN
  • Remote upgrade possibilityno
  • Possibility of remote update for maintenance: Yes
  • Possibility of voice controlyes, with optional accessories
  • Manual controlstouchControl
  • Remote Controlno
  • Total blower power: 300 W
  • Max. Fan power - exhaust mode: 501 m³/h
  • Mixing bowl diameter: 775 m³/h
  • Max. Fan capacity - recirculation mode: 416 m³/h
  • Height of the mixing bowl: 525 m³/h
  • Grease filter material: stainless steel washable
  • Diameter of exhaust15 cm
  • Backflow flapno
  • Odor filterno
  • number of speed settings: 3-stage + 2 Intensive

Energy efficiency class: A
Colour: Black#1
Product type: Extractor bonnet
Installation type: Built-in Integrable
: 80 cm
: TouchControl
Shipping weight: 46,00 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width ): 14,00 × 79,20 cm

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