5 year guarantee through extended guarantee

Guarantee conditions

1. Scope of the guarantee

This guarantee is a quality and durability guarantee within the meaning of § 443 BGB. The guarantor is the Guarantee Database 24 GmbH (hereinafter "guarantor"). This guarantee applies to all permanently installed new built-in electrical appliances and floor-standing appliances, such as refrigerators or freezers, stoves, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, extractor hoods and fully automatic coffee machines and fittings >

This guarantee does not restrict your statutory warranty rights to which you are entitled vis-à-vis the seller.

In accordance with the following guarantee conditions, the guarantor will reimburse you for the cost of repairing your device in the event of defects that can be proven to be due to design or manufacturing defects, casting or material defects.

For fully automatic coffee machines, the deviating and supplementary conditions according to point 7.

also apply

The deviating and additional conditions according to point 8 also apply to fittings.

The guarantee claim assumes that the fault has only been corrected by the customer service commissioned by the guarantor and that the guarantee case is resolved within a exclusion period of two weeks after occurrence - in accordance with the provision in point 6 (What to do in Claim?) - was reported.

The guarantee covers the reimbursement of the following costs:

  • Material costs and costs for repairing defective parts or replacing them with new parts;
  • Wages for debugging;
  • Arrival and departure costs;
  • Transport costs (except for fully automatic coffee machines).

Costs for troubleshooting, checking, orientation visits, cost estimates etc. are not reimbursed.

2. Start and end of warranty

The guarantee begins after this guarantee certificate has been issued and ends 60 months from the date of delivery. The guarantee only applies to errors that have occurred after the expiry of 24 months from the date of delivery or after the legal guarantee of the seller has expired. Any guarantee services provided do not result in an extension of the guarantee period.

3. Exclusions / Loss of Warranty

This guarantee is not a maintenance contract. Maintenance work and the replacement of wear parts are not replaced under this guarantee.

The guarantee therefore does not extend to:

  • Damage caused by improper handling, excessive use, chemical or electrochemical effects of water, leaching, clogging of the grinder, clogging, relocation without a specialist shipping company.
  • Minor errors that are not significant for usability.
  • Glass, rubber, plastic, seals of all kinds, enamel, service / care, checking / maintenance, cleaning / decalcifying of the device, light sources (including the technical devices required for their operation), door handles / rotary handles ( Switches), components for milk frothing and easily breakable materials.
  • Damage caused by external influences and events (e.g. water damage after a pipe burst) and other abnormal environmental conditions and natural hazards.
  • Damage due to natural wear and tear (including the grinder), overload, incorrect accessories.
  • Damage caused by the use of accessories, add-on parts, add-on parts, care products that have not been approved by the manufacturer and coffee beans that have not been specially approved for fully automatic coffee machines.
  • Commercial equipment. This applies accordingly to comparable use by e.g. freelancers, organizations, authorities.

In the event of a breach of these warranty conditions or failure to meet the requirements mentioned here, the warranty expires completely. The guarantee expires in particular in the event of repairs and interventions by customer services not commissioned by us or in the event of self-implementation.

4. Guarantee upper limit

The guarantee amount per device is limited to its new purchase price. This applies regardless of whether the probable repair costs in individual cases exceed the purchase price of the device in question (total damage) or whether the probable repair costs together with the warranty services already provided for the same device exceed the purchase price. If a repair would exceed the purchase price, the purchase price of the device minus any warranty services already provided will be replaced instead of the repair costs. In the event of a lack of spare parts, the guarantor will set a flat-rate cost replacement fee as part of the suspended repairs. If the upper limit of the guarantee is exceeded, the guarantee expires prematurely.

5. Liability

Liability for further claims due to a defect (e.g. third-party or consequential damage outside the device, other accompanying damage) is excluded. The legal guarantee and liability of the seller as well as the liability of the manufacturer under the Product Liability Act remain unaffected by this disclaimer.

6. What to do in the event of damage?

In order to maintain the guarantee claims, you must report the damage within 14 days directly to the guarantor before engaging a repair service . The guarantor will then commission customer service to carry out the repairs for you.

Guarantee database 24 GmbH Frankfurter Strasse 155
63303 Dreieich

You can report damage directly to the following Internet address:


Or call the following service number:

09:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Hotline: +49 (0) 6103 391 780

Mail [email protected]

The guarantee processing can only be carried out in German.

7. Conditions for fully automatic coffee machines

In addition:

  • The transfer of the floor-standing devices to the factory customer service (there and back) is basically at your own risk and expense.
  • The guarantee ends prematurely if the factory-set instructions for use, care, cleaning, decalcifying / service, inadequate maintenance and cleaning and 15,000 brewed cups are reached.

The factory counter is decisive for the determination.

  • Proof of the intended device service must be provided in the event of damage and must also be carried out by the respective factory customer service, provided that the factory regulations do not permit the user to do anything himself.
  • Notwithstanding point 4, the possible performance per device is limited to its economic current value at the time the damage occurred. From the 3rd year this is 75%, in the 4th year 65% and in the 5th year 55% of the proven, original purchase price. The customer is free to prove a higher current value in individual cases.

8. Conditions for fittings

The following also applies:

There is only a guarantee for fittings if they have been professionally installed in accordance with the manufacturer's assembly and sealing instructions. A guarantee is also excluded in the following cases:

  • Signs of wear and scratches;
  • Reduction of the flow rate due to dirt or calcification;
  • Damage to the galvanized surface or the paint and varnish due to the use of unsuitable cleaning agents;
  • Leaks from loose connections;
  • Too little pressure due to different pressure ratios in the pipe network;
  • Damage to wear parts such as a cracked metal casing on the shower hose.

Consent to data processing

With my signature, I agree that the personal data I have provided may be used by the guarantee database 24 GmbH for the purposes of contract execution, damage processing (guarantee case), support - especially for the permanent further development of the product, Frankfurter Str. 155, D-63303 Dreieich, the insurance company, as well as the manufacturer of the product and customer service, are saved and used.

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