Constructa cm323052, electric hob, 60 cm, oven-controlled, Black, With frame surface-mounted
SKU: CM323052 | GTIN: 4242004162094
The Constructa electric cooktop with dual-circuit zone and switchable roasting zone for flexible and efficient cooking and roasting.
  • Switchable dual-circuit cooking zone: More flexibility even for large pots and pans.
  • Classic, functional design with flat, all-round stainless steel frame.
  • Residual heat indicator for each cooking zone: Simply save a lot of energy by cleverly using the residual heat.
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Flexibility of the cooking zones
  • Roasting zone: Extra switchable cooking zone for large roasting utensils
  • 1 Dual-circuit cooking zone: use normal or larger cookware for the expandable cooking zone.
  • 60 cm: Space for 4 pots or pans.
  • Cooking zone front left: 180 mm, 2 kW
  • Cooking zone rear left: 170 mm , 265 mm, 1.6 kW
  • Cooking zone rear right: 145 mm , 1.2 kW
  • Cooking zone front right: 210 mm, 145 mm, 1 kW
Ease of use
  • in the stove: control the power of the cooking zone with the knobs on the stove.
  • with stainless steel frame
  • Residual heat indicator per cooking zone: shows which cooking zones are still hot.
  • Dimensions of the appliance (HxWxD mm): 43 x 583 x 513
  • Required niche size (HxWxD mm : 43 x 560 x (490 - 500)
  • Minimum worktop thickness: 16 mm
  • Total connected load: 7800 W

Colour: Black#1
Product type: Cooktop
device width: 60 cm
Shipping weight: 8,00 kg
Item weight: 7,00 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 51,30 × 58,30 × 4,30 cm
  • Design: Built-in
  • Controlmechanical
  • Power sourceelectric
  • Position of the controloutside the unit
  • Type of control: Combined with built-in ovens/stoves
  • Main surface material: Glass ceramic
  • Color applianceblack
  • Basic color of the productblack
  • Frame designframe
  • Frame colorstainless steel
  • Connected load: 7800 W
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Frequency: 50; 60 TPU00040
  • Approval certificates: ce, VDE
  • Unit width: 58,3 cm
  • Device height4,3 cm
  • Device depth: 51,3 cm
  • Packed unit height10 cm
  • Width of packed unit75 cm
  • Depth packed product59 cm
  • Minimum niche height49 cm
  • Maximum niche height50 cm
  • Minimum niche width56 cm
  • Maximum niche width56 cm
  • Niche depth4,3 cm
  • Net weight: 7,6 kg
  • Gross weight: 8,4 kg
  • Application of EU energy consumption directive: No
  • Energy consumption of the 1st heating element per kg188.8 Wh/kg
  • Energy consumption of the 3rd heating element per kg193.9 Wh/kg
  • Energy consumption of the 5th heating element per kg190.2 Wh/kg
  • Energy consumption of the 7th heating element per kg190.0 Wh/kg
  • Energy intelligent device, can optimize consumption behavior (2017/1369/EU): No
  • Wireless communication possible: No
  • Network broadband technology: Not applicable
  • SIM card slot availableno
  • Remote upgrade capabilityno
  • Possibility of remote update for maintenanceno
  • Automatic program: No
  • Cooking zone position: front left
  • Position of the 2nd cooking zone: center left
  • Position of 3rd cooking zone: rear left
  • Position of the 4th cooking zone: center rear
  • Position of the 5th cooking zone: rear right
  • Position of the 6th cooking zone: center right
  • Position of the 7th cooking zone: front right
  • Position of the 8th cooking zone: front center / central
  • Position of the 9th cooking zone: central
  • Type of cooking zone: radiant heating
  • Type of 3rd cooking zone: radiant heating
  • Type of 7th cooking zoneradiant heating
  • Cooking zone dimensions18 cm
  • Dimensions of the 3rd cooking zone: 17 cm
  • Dimensions of the 5th cooking zone: 14,5 cm
  • Dimensions of the 7th cooking zone21 cm
  • Power of the 3rd cooking zone: 1.6 ; 2.4 W
  • Power of the 5th cooking zone: 1.2 W
  • Power of the 7th cooking zone: 1 ; 2.2 W
  • Power indicator light: No
  • Control: Stepless energy control
  • Cover typewithout
  • Ignition: No
  • Residual heat indicator: Separate
  • Main switchno
  • Electronic clock: No
  • Possibility to combine cooking zones/areas: No

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