Bosch pvq811f15e, series | 6, hob with extractor hood (induction), 80 cm
SKU: PVQ811F15E | GTIN: 4242005218851
The induction hob with integrated extractor module: combines induction with extractor hood technology for best results.
  • DirectSelect: direct, easy selection of the desired cooking zone, power level and additional functions.
  • CombiZone: connect two induction hobs to heat large pots.
  • PowerBoost: up to 50% more power for faster heating of your induction cooktop.
  • ReStart: if something boils over, the cooktop will automatically turn off and save the last selected setting.
  • Timer with switch-off function: switches off the selected cooking zone after the desired time.
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Integrated downdraft ventilation system
  • Induction cooktop with fully integrated, powerful downdraft exhaust module.
  • Suitable for recirculated air or exhaust air operation (incl. differentiated software modes). Installation Accessories for unguided recirculation, including four cleanAir odor filters and a telescopic sliding element, are included with the cooktop. Accessories for other installation options are available, details in the planning notes.
  • Aesthetically integrated, flush-mounted air intake design with floating, heat-resistant glass ceramic element for free movement and placement of cookware
  • 9 electronically controlled power levels and 2 boost/intensive levels (with automatic reset) through DirectSelect control Fan run-on 30 minutes
  • Automatic activation of the ventilation system when a cooking zone is in use
  • Automatic delayed shutdown after cooking to eliminate residual odors after cooking (in specific ultra-low noise fan stage, 12min (exhaust), 30min (recirculation), can be switched off manually)
  • Fully manual control possible via DirectSelect
  • Fan technology with highly efficient and low-noise EcoSilence Drive motor. Flow-optimized airflow in the interior
  • Easy removal and cleaning of the grease filter and overflow protection unit:
  • convenient one-hand removal of the unit via a floating glass ceramic handle
  • Large area, 12-layer stainless steel grease filters for high grease filtration efficiency ( 94%)
  • All parts are easy to clean, Dishwasher safe and heat resistant
  • Condensate and overflow protection tank, approx. 200 ml capacity
  • Safety overflow tank (Dishwasher safe) with additional 700ml holding capacity. Easily accessible and removable from the bottom.
  • Total holding capacity of 900ml (200ml + 700ml)
  • - Waterproof ventilation system
  • Fume hood performance:
  • Exhaust air capacity (according to en 61591): min. Normal stage 154 m3/h , max. normal stage 500 m3/h , max. boost/intensive stage 622 m3/h
  • Recirculation capacity (according to en 61591): min. Normal stage 150 m3/h , max. normal stage 500 m3/h , max. boost/intensive stage 615 m3/h
  • Noise values for exhaust air operation: min. Normal stage 42 db? re 1 pW, max. normal stage 69 db? re 1 pW, max. boost-/intensive stage 74 db? re 1 pW
  • Noise values in recirculation mode: min. Normal level 41 db? re 1 pW, max. normal level 68 db? re 1 pW, max. boost/intensive level 72 db? re 1 pW
  • Grease filter efficiency: 94 %.
  • Average energy consumption: 61.6kWh/year
  • Energy efficiency class: b (on a scale of energy efficiency classes from a+++ to D)
  • Fan efficiency class: A
  • - Average energy consumption: 57 .
  • Grease filter efficiency class: b
  • Noise min./max. normal level: 42 db? and 69 db
  • in recirculation mode, 2 x 2 directly integrated, high-performance cleanAir recirculation filters
  • Optimized odor reduction capabilities for cooking applications with complex odor molecule chains (e.g. fish odors)
  • Large filter surface with high odor reduction rate
  • Filter life of 360h during intensive cooking (not regenerable)
  • Very low noise with optimized psychoacoustics
  • Easy accessibility and easy removal from the top through the air inlet
  • - Replacement filter set Clean Air: HEZ9VRCR0.
  • for recirculation operation 2 x 2 directly integrated, high-performance cleanAir recirculation filters
Planning and installation instructions
  • Suitable for exhaust air or recirculation installation in 4 different variants (unguided, partially guided and fully guided recirculation or exhaust air). Installation Accessories for unguided recirculation, including four cleanAir odor filters and a telescopic sliding element, are included with the cooktop. The supplied accessories enable quick and easy installation and can be planned in all worktop depths =60 cm. For other installation types, one of the following accessory sets is recommended:
  • Necessary for exhaust air? - always order as unit set!?
  • The unit set already includes the first relevant arc:?
  • Worktop depth = 60 cm - shortened extensions (90° ?s" flat duct bend HEZ9VDSb4, male)
  • Worktop depth = 70 cm- standard pull-outs (90° ?l" flat duct bend HEZ9VDSb2, male)
  • Further accessories for the air duct must be ordered separately on the basis of the individual planning. We offer a wide range of accessories for this purpose.
  • Necessary for partially and fully ducted recirculation - always order as a unit set!
  • The first relevant bend is already included in the unit set:
  • Worktop depth = 60 cm - shortened pull-outs (90° ?s" flat duct bend HEZ9VDSb4, male)
  • Worktop depth = 70 cm - standard pull-outs (90° ?l" flat duct bend HEZ9VDSb2, male)
  • For partially guided recirculation up to the base area, we offer preferential piping as accessory set hez9vdkr2 (designed for a working height up to 960 mm).?
  • Extensive special accessories are available for an individual fully guided recirculation?.
  • Planning notes:
  • Planning is possible as wall and island planning
  • The product and accessories comply with the provisions of the needle flame test (according to iec 60695-11-5) and the v2 flammability class (according to UL94).
  • The maximum immersion depth is 223mm under glass for surface mounted units and 227mm for units suitable for flush mounting.
  • The device must remain freely accessible from below
  • There is no need for an intermediate shelf under the unit. The drawers must be removable. The rear panel can be left in place - only a cut-out for the air outlet (position and size can be taken from the installation instructions) is required.
  • Installation in unguided recirculation requires a vertical opening of min. 25mm behind the back wall of the furniture. For optimal performance, 50mm is recommended.
  • Minimum countertop thickness is 16mm for top-mounted and flush-mounted units with the standard installation system. Installation in thinner countertops is also possible with a spare part: material number 626792
  • The total weight of the unit is 26kg. The load-bearing capacity and stability, especially with thin worktops, must be ensured by suitable substructures. The appliance weight (including corresponding weights such as filled Pots) and the worktop manufacturer's specifications for structural integrity must be observed
  • For all partial and unguided recirculation plans, an air return opening of =400cm² is required in the plinth area. The opening can be provided by outlet grilles, louvered grilles or slightly shortened plinths, depending on the kitchen furniture manufacturer's range.
  • The air outlet on the back of the unit can be combined directly with a flat duct element (nw 150)
  • Piping up to 8m with three 90° bends is possible
  • when installing an air duct in exhaust mode and a chimney-bound fireplace, the power supply line must be equipped with a suitable safety switch. This is not required for installation in recirculation mode.
  • In exhaust air mode, a backflow damper with a maximum opening pressure of 65Pa should be installed.
  • 80 cm: space for 4 Pots or Pans.
Flexibility of the cooking zones
  • 2 CombiZone cooking zones
  • : when using larger cookware, two cooking zones are combined to form one larger one.
  • Front left cooking zone: 190 mm, 210 mm, 2.2 kW (maximum power 3.7 kW)
  • Cooking zone rear left: 190 mm, 210 mm, 2.2 kW (maximum power 3.7 kW)
  • Cooking zone rear right: 190 mm, 210 mm , 2.2 kW (maximum power 3.7 kW)
  • Cooking zone front right: 190 mm, 210 mm, 2.2 kW (maximum power 3.7 kW)
user friendliness
  • DirectSelect: control the power directly with the imprinted touch bar.
  • 17 power levels: precisely adjust the heat with 17 power levels (9 main levels and 8 intermediate levels).
  • Timer with switch-off function for each cooking zone
  • Turns off the cooking zone at the end of the set time (e.g. for boiled eggs).
  • Short-time alarm
  • At the end of the set time, a signal sounds (e.g. when cooking pasta).
Time saving and efficiency
  • Powerboost function for all cooking zones
  • with 50% more power, e.g. bring water to the boil faster than at the highest power level.
  • MoveMode (2 levels): increase or decrease the power simply by pulling the pot forward or backward.
  • QuickStart: when switched on, the cooktop automatically selects the cooking zone on which cookware was placed when switched off.
  • ReStart: in case of accidental switch-off of the cooktop, all settings are retained if you switch on again within 4 seconds.
  • Frameless
  • 2-level residual heat indicator per cooking zone: Shows which cooking zones are still hot or warm.
  • Child safety lock: prevents unintentional activation of the cooktop.
  • Wipe-off protection function: Wipe off liquids that have boiled over without unintentionally changing the settings (all touch keys are blocked for 30 seconds).
  • Main switch: Switch off all cooking zones at once.
  • Automatic safety shutdown: for safety reasons, the cooktop automatically shuts off after a preset time without interaction (adjustable).
  • Energy consumption display: shows the power consumption of the last cooking process.
  • Dimensions of the appliance (HxWxD mm): 223 x 802 x 522
  • Required niche size (HxwxD mm : 223 x 750 x (490 - 490)
  • Minimum worktop thickness: 16 mm
  • Total connected load: 7400 W
  • Mains cable: 110 cm, connection cable enclosed in packaging

Energy efficiency class: B
Colour: Black#1
Product type: Hob with integrated extractor
device width: 80 cm
controls: Front DirectSelect 1.0 (Timer)
Shipping weight: 31,00 kg
Item weight: 24,00 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 52,20 × 80,20 × 22,30 cm
  • Product seriesseries : 6
  • design: Built-in
  • Control systemelectronic
  • controls: DirectSelect 1.0 (timer), front
  • Control position: Front
  • Main surface material: Glass ceramic
  • Color deviceblack
  • Basic color of the productblack
  • Frame design: Frameless
  • Voltage: 220-240/380-415 V
  • Frequency: 50; 60 TPU00040
  • Approval certificates: ce, VDE
  • Length connection cable: 110 cm
  • Type of plug: without plug
  • Device width: 80,2 cm
  • Device height22,3 cm
  • Device depth52,2 cm
  • Packed unit height43 cm
  • Depth packed product66 cm
  • width packed product94 cm
  • Maximum niche height49 cm
  • Minimum niche height49 cm
  • Maximum niche width75 cm
  • Minimum niche width75 cm
  • Niche depth22,3 cm
  • Net weight: 26,5 kg
  • gross weight: 31,3 kg
  • Energy consumption of the 2nd heating element per kg: 185.0 Wh/kg
  • Average annual energy consumption: 61.8 kWh/year
  • Energy efficiency index (2010/30/EU): 57.0 %
  • Air flow boosted (2010/30/EU): 622.0 m³/h
  • Max. Air flow: 500 m³/h
  • Minimum airflow: 154.0 m³/h
  • Liquid dynamic efficiency (2010/30/EU): 28.1
  • Sound power db: 69 db(A) re 1 pW
  • Grease filter efficiency (2010/30/EU): 94.0 %
  • Volume amplified (2010/30/EC): 74 db
  • Loudness at max. speed (2010/30/EC)69 db
  • Volume at min. speed (2010/30/EC)42 db
  • Energy intelligent device, can optimize consumption behavior (2017/1369/EU)no
  • Wireless communication possibleno
  • Network broadband technology: Not applicable
  • SIM card slot availableno
  • Remote upgrade capabilityno
  • Possibility of remote update for maintenanceno
  • Automatic program: No
  • Dimensions of the 2nd cooking zone38 cm
  • Dimensions of the 6th cooking zone38 cm
  • Cover typewithout
  • Position of the cooking zone: front left
  • operation indicator light: No
  • Position of the 2nd cooking zone: center left
  • Position of 3rd cooking zone: rear left
  • Position of the 4th cooking zone: center rear
  • Position of the 5th cooking zone: rear right
  • Position of the 6th cooking zone: center right
  • Position of the 7th cooking zone: front right
  • Position of the 8th cooking zone: front center / central
  • Position of the 9th cooking zone: central
  • Main switchyes
  • Electronic clockyes
  • Total fan power: 170 W
  • 2nd cooking zone power: 3.6 W
  • Power of the 6th cooking zone: 3.6 W
  • Residual heat indicator: Separate
  • Control: Stepless energy control
  • Safety devices: Key Lock, Child Lock, Power Management Function, Safety Timeout
  • Type of 2nd cooking zone: Induction
  • Type of 6th cooking zone: Induction
  • Mixing bowl diameter622 m³/h
  • Height of mixing bowl: 615.0 m³/h
  • Max. Fan capacity - exhaust air mode: 500 m³/h
  • Max. Fan power - recirculation mode500 m³/h
  • Odor filter: No

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Benutzeranleitung (installation instruction)



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