Bosch dwk91lt60, Series 8, wall-mounted 90 cm, clear glass black printed
SKU: DWK91LT60 | GTIN: 4242005307401
The quietest range hood in Europe when installed in recirculation mode*
  • Eco Silence Drive™: the powerful and energy-saving motor for cooker hoods.
  • PerfectAir sensor: automatic extractor control - extremely powerful and quiet.
  • Control your extractor hood via the hob.
  • Adjustable color temperature: From warm to cool white, adjustment to the room lighting is available via Home Connect.
  • Direct Select operation: Direct selection of the desired power level and light
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  • Inclined dining design
  • Wall mounting
  • Glass panel: printed in black
  • Choice of exhaust air or recirculation mode
  • Chimneyless operation possible with recirculated air
  • The Clean Air Plus recirculation set (accessory) or the Longlife recirculation set (accessory) is required for recirculation mode.
Most important features:
  • EcoSilence Drive
  • Lighting: 2 pcs, led, 3 w, with adjustable color temperature
  • SoftLight: the lighting switches on and off gently.
  • Dimming function: the brightness of the lighting can be adjusted.
  • Color temperature: 3500 K
  • Illuminance: 422 lux
  • Boost position: intermediate position of the glass filter cover for better extraction of particularly strong cooking odors and steam.
  • Extractor hood on the front and underside
  • 3 metal grease filters
Comfort functions:
  • Air quality sensor bme688: Automatic sensor-supported power control for best results
  • DirectSelect Control
  • 3 power levels + 2 intensive levels
  • Automatic reset from intensive to normal level after 6 min.
  • Saturation indicator for grease and odor filter
  • Automatic after-run: 10 minutes
Digital functions:
  • Home Connect: operate, check and set your hood via smartphone or tablet (only in countries where the Home Connect service is available)
  • The hob-based hood control activates the extractor hood automatically when cooking, thanks to the WiFi connection between the extractor hood and a suitable hob.
  • Fully automatic extractor hood
  • Voice control possible via common voice assistants
  • Performance profiles: Choose between Standard, Power or Quiet in the Home Connect app to increase the extraction power or reduce the fan noise.
  • Favorites button: yes - direct access to favorite functions via a configurable button (available with connected Home Connect account)
  • Smart Home Trigger via the favorites button (available with connected Home Connect account): Open the smart universe of your range hood from (partner service required).
  • LED lighting with adjustable light temperature: Allows you to adjust the light temperature to your personal needs via the Home Connect app
  • Interval function: available via the Home Connect app
  • The Home Connect functionality can be expanded as required by integrating numerous applications from external cooperation partners (partnering)
  • Updateable device (available with a connected Home Connect account): Always keep the device up to date with the latest software.
Convenient cleaning:
  • Extremely wide opening angle for easy access to filters and easy cleaning.
  • The surfaces and materials are smooth and easy to clean.
  • Inner frame, easy to clean
  • Metal grease filter, dishwasher-safe
Exhaust air performance:
  • In accordance with en 61591 and en/IEC 60704-2-13, your appliance can achieve the following values in exhaust air mode:
  • Performance level 1: Fan performance:228 m3/h; noise level: 35 dB(a) re1pW
  • Performance level 2: Fan performance:325 m3/h; noise value: 43 dB(a) re1pW
  • Power level 3: Fan output:441 m3/h; noise value: 51 dB(a) re1pW
  • Intensive level 1: Fan power:753 m3/h; noise level: 65 dB(a) re1pW
  • Intensive level 2: Fan output:1007 m3/h; noise value: 70 dB (a) re1pW
  • Energy efficiency class: a+ (on an energy efficiency class scale from a+++ to D)
  • Average energy consumption: 39.1 kWh/year*
  • Fan efficiency class: A*
  • Lighting efficiency class: A*
  • Grease filter efficiency class: C*
Air recirculation performance:
  • In accordance with en 61591 and en/IEC 60704-2-13, your appliance can achieve the following values in recirculation mode with the Clean Air plus recirculation set, for installation with chimney:
  • Performance level 1: Fan performance:211 m3/h; noise value: 42 dB(a) re1pW
  • Performance level 2: Fan output:315 m3/h; noise value: 51 dB(a) re1pW
  • Power level 3: Fan output:435 m3/h; noise value: 59 dB(a) re1pW
  • Intensive level 1: Fan power:752 m3/h; noise level: 72 dB(a) re1pW
  • Intensive stage 2: Fan output: 964 m3/h; noise value: 78 dB(a) re1pW
  • In accordance with en 61591 and en/IEC 60704-2-13, your appliance can achieve the following values in recirculation mode with the Clean Air plus recirculation set for chimneyless installation:
  • Performance level 1: Fan performance:214 m3/h; noise value: 42 dB(a) re1pW
  • Performance level 2: Fan output:312 m3/h; noise value: 51 dB(a) re1pW
  • Power level 3: Fan power:437 m3/h; noise value: 60 dB(a) re1pW
  • Intensive level 1: Fan output:751 m3/h; noise value: 74 dB(a) re1pW
  • Intensive level 2: Fan output:944 m3/h; noise value: 80 dB (a) re1pW
Technical data and sustainability:
  • Consumption data:
  • Total connected load: 250 W
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 V
  • Sustainability:
  • Made in Germany: manufactured in a CO2-neutral production facility
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • The most efficient fan technology on the market
  • Available odor filter as a regenerable long-life filter with a 10-year service life
  • Air quality sensor bme688: sensor-based power control for best results with minimum energy consumption.
Information on planning and installation:
  • Unit dimensions exhaust air (HxWxD): 855-1098 x 890 x 447 mm
  • Recirculation unit dimensions (HxWxD): 892-1185 x 890 x 447 mm
  • Recirculating air installation dimensions, chimneyless (HxWxD): 471 mm x 890 mm x 447 mm
  • Simple and weight-reduced installation thanks to the new Easy-Installation-System
  • Exhaust air connection ø 150 mm
  • Connection cable length: 1.3 m with plug
  • Supplied with backflow flap

Energy efficiency class: A+
Shipping weight: 37,00 kg
Item weight: 26,00 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 44,70 × 89,00 × 45,00 cm
  • Product seriesseries 8
  • Device colorblack
  • Basic color of the product: Not applicable
  • Housing color: Black
  • Chimney material: Black
  • Specify material of housing: Glass, lacquered
  • Type of construction: Wall mounting
  • Control system: Electronic
  • Type of constructionbuilt-in
  • Type of installationwall mounting
  • Operating elements: led, TouchControl
  • Decorable: Not applicable
  • Fan position: Motor in housing
  • Type of air duct: Convertible
  • Connected load: 250 W
  • Fuse protection: 10
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Minimum voltage: 220 V
  • Maximum voltage: 240 V
  • Frequency: 50; 60 TPU00040
  • Minimum frequency: 50
  • Maximum frequency: 60
  • Connection cable length: 130.0 cm
  • Plug type: Schuko-/Gardy.w.earthing
  • Height of the product; without chimney45 cm
  • Appliance height45 cm
  • Appliance width89 cm
  • Appliance depth44.7 cm
  • Packed appliance height77.5 cm
  • Width packed appliance72 cm
  • Depth of packed product122 cm
  • Net weight26,1 kg
  • Gross weight37.1 kg
  • Chimney exhaust air max. height: 66,3 cm
  • Chimney exhaust air height min.: 42 cm
  • Chimney height recirculation max.75 cm
  • Chimney recirculation height min.45.7 cm
  • Application of the EU Energy Consumption Directiveyes
  • Energy efficiency class (2010/30/EU): a+
  • Average annual energy consumption: 39.1 kWh/year
  • Liquid dynamic efficiency (2010/30/EU): 39.3
  • Lighting efficiency (2010/30/EC)58.6 lux/Watt
  • Grease filter efficiency (2010/30/EU): 81.4 %
  • Max. Air volume: 441 m³/h
  • Minimum air flow: 228 m³/h
  • Amplified airflow (2010/30/EU): 1007.0 m³/h
  • Noise level at max. speed (2010/30/EC)51 dB
  • Noise level at min. speed (2010/30/EC)35 dB
  • Volume amplified (2010/30/EC)70 dB
  • Sound power dB: 51 dB(a) re 1 pW
  • Noise level with fast cooking position (booster): 70 dB(a) re 1 pW
  • Energy intelligent appliance, can optimize consumption (2017/1369/EU)no
  • Wireless communication possible: Yes, built into the appliance
  • Network broadband technologynot applicable
  • SIM card slot availableno
  • Communication technology usedbluetooth, Wifi
  • Type of interface for controllAN
  • Possibility of remote upgradeyes
  • Remote update option for maintenanceyes
  • Voice control optionyes, with optional accessories
  • Manual controlstouchControl
  • Remote controlno
  • Total fan power: 230 W
  • Max. Fan capacity - exhaust air mode: 441 m³/h
  • Fan output at intensive level - extract air mode: 1007 m³/h
  • Max. Fan capacity - recirculation mode437 m³/h
  • Fan capacity at intensive level - recirculation mode944 m³/h
  • Lighting efficiency (2010/30/EC)infinitely variable
  • Total light intensity: 422 lux
  • Material grease filter: Stainless steel washable
  • Exhaust air spigot diameter15 cm
  • Type of grease filter: Cassette
  • Backdraft flapyes
  • Odor filterno
  • Number of speed settings: 3-speed + 2 intensive

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