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Kaufen Sie min. 4 Gaggenau Geräte bei Kueche24 und sichern Sie sich eine kostenlose Cook-In-Party in Ihrer neuen Küche.

Die besten Partys enden in der Küche. Die allerbesten Partys beginnen bereits dort! Für Sie und Ihre Gäste bereitet ein Profi-Koch ein 4-Gänge-Menü zu. Erleben Sie die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten Ihrer neuen Gaggenau Geräte und wie Ihre Lieblingsgerichte perfekt gelingen.

Darüber hinaus erhalten Sie wertvolle Tipps zur Pflege und Reinigung, damit Sie noch lange Freude an Ihren Geräten haben.

Die Cook-In-Party gilt nur bei Erfüllung folgender Bedingungen.
  • Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 12 Personen
  • Dauer: 5 Stunden
  • Nur innerhalb Deutschlands

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Gaggenau df261101, 200 series, dishwasher, 60 cm
SKU: DF261101 | GTIN: 4242006302719
  • Zeolith-Technologie
  • 6 Programme mit Aquasensor und 3 Optionen, darunter Power zum Reinigen und Trocknen in 57 Minuten und Intensiv für eine besonders gründliche Reinigung im Unterkorb
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  • Optimal protection for delicate glasses thanks to low-temperature drying with zeolite, sophisticated basket design and intelligent water softening
  • 6 programs with aquasensor and 3 options, including Power for cleaning and drying in 57 minutes and Intensive for extra thorough cleaning in the lower basket
  • Flexible basket system
  • Bright interior lighting
  • Remaining time projection for displaying the remaining time on the kitchen floor
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  • Optimal protection for sensitive glasses through low-temperature drying with zeolite, sophisticated basket design and intelligent water softening
  • 6 programs with aquasensor and 3 options, including Power for cleaning and drying in 57 minutes and Intensive for extra thorough cleaning in the lower basket
  • Flexible basket system
  • Bright interior lighting
  • Remaining time projection for displaying the remaining time on the kitchen floor
  • Very quiet: 43 db
  • TFT display showing remaining run time or end time, salt and rinse aid refill requirement, control display for water inlet.
  • operation by means of sensor keys.
  • Flexible program runtime reduction, also during the rinse cycle.
  • Drying assistant for optional door opening after program end (only available with active Home Connect function).
  • Personalization function for saving individual program combinations.
  • Info button with operating instructions.
  • Time preselection up to 24 hours.
  • Optical and acoustic end signal.
  • Remaining time projection.
Technical features
  • Bright interior lighting.
  • Glass protection with zeolite.
  • aquasensor.
  • load sensor.
  • Cleaner detection.
  • Regeneration electronics.
  • Heat exchanger.
  • Flow heater.
  • 3-fold filter system.
  • Servo lock.
  • aquastop.
selected digital services (Home Connect)
  • Program assistant.
  • Temporary noise reduction.
  • Drying assistant for optional door opening after program end.
  • Downloadable programs.
  • Home network integration for digital services (Home Connect) wirelessly via WiFi.
  • The use of the Home Connect function depends on the Home Connect services, which are not available in every country. For more information, visit home-connect.com.
  • 6 rinse programs:
  • auto 35 °c - 45 °c. auto 45 °c - 65 °c. auto 65 °c - 75 °c. Eco 50 °c. Fast 45 °c (35 min.). Personalization function (factory setting: pre-rinse).
  • 3 options:
  • Intensive. Power. Half load.
  • Machine care.
  • Flexible basket system.
  • Upper basket:
  • Over-extension. Optional cleaning zone, by activating additional spray nozzles. 3-stage Rackmatic, height adjustable up to 5 cm. 6 folding spikes. 4 folding shelves for optimal glass protection.
  • Lower basket:
  • 8 folding spikes. 2 folding shelves for optimal glass protection. Divided glass support.
  • cutlery basket.
  • Maximum plate sizes (upper/lower basket):
  • 29/28, 26.5/30.5 or 24/34 cm.
  • Capacity 13 place settings.
  • can be loaded with max. 23 wine glasses.
Consumption data
  • Energy efficiency class b on a scale of efficiency classes from a to G.
  • from 9.5 l water.
  • from 0.635 kWh.
  • Sound power 43 db (re 1 pW).
Planning information
  • Height-adjustable feet.
  • Unit base setback 100 mm (see drawing).
  • To be able to display the remaining time projection, there must be a minimum plinth recess (40 mm + furniture front thickness).
  • The maximum plinth height must be reduced by 30 mm to enable the optimum display of the remaining time projection.
  • Rear foot adjustable at the front.
  • Door weight up to 10 kg.
  • Dimension of the door front depends on the plinth height of the respective kitchen furniture.
connection data
  • Total connected load 2.0 kW - 2.4 kW.
  • connection cable, pluggable.
  • Water connection with screw connection 3/4".
  • connection to hot or cold water possible.
  • Power standby/network 2.0 W.
  • Power consumption not switched off 0.5 W.
  • Power consumption switched off 0.5 W.
  • Time auto standby/network 2 min.
  • Time not switched off 0 min.
  • please follow the instructions in the user manual if you want to turn off the WiFi function.

Energy efficiency class: B
Installation type: Fully integrable
device width: 60 cm
controls: Display Touch buttons
Shipping weight: 47,00 kg
Item weight: 45,00 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 55,00 × 59,80 × 86,50 cm
  • Product series: 200 series
  • design: Built-in
  • Is this device built-in?yes
  • type of installation: Fully integrated
  • Elevated installationyes
  • Controlelectronic
  • controlsdisplay, touch buttons
  • removable worktopno
  • Decorable: Not possible
  • Color device: Galvanized
  • Basic color of the product: Not applicable
  • Material inner container: Stainless steel
  • Flow heateryes
  • connected load: 2400 W
  • fuse protection: 10
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Frequency: 50; 60 TPU00040
  • Length connection cable175 cm
  • Plug type: Schuko/Gardy.w.grounding
  • Length inlet hose165 cm
  • Length drain hose190 cm
  • Adjustable base: Horizontal and vertical
  • Base adjustable by4 cm
  • Height adjustable feetyes - all from the front
  • Height adjustment feet maximum6 cm
  • Unit height: 86,5 cm
  • Unit width59,8 cm
  • Unit depth55 cm
  • Product depth with door open (90°)120 cm
  • Height packed unit92 cm
  • width packed unit66 cm
  • Depth packed product67 cm
  • Minimum niche height86,5 cm
  • Maximum niche height92,5 cm
  • Minimum niche width60 cm
  • Maximum niche width60,8 cm
  • Niche depth55 cm
  • Net weight: 45,1 kg
  • gross weight: 47,0 kg
  • Position of the control: Top
  • Comparison program: Eco
  • Cleaning performance index (eu 2017/1369): 1.121
  • Program duration (eu 2017/1369): 3:55
  • Drying performance index (eu 2017/1369): 1.061
  • Energy efficiency index (eu 2017/1369): 38
  • Energy consumption of the eco program per 100 operating cycles (eu 2017/1369)64 kWh/100 operating cycles
  • Energy consumption of the eco program per operating cycle in kWh (eu 2017/1369): 0.635
  • Airborne noise emissions (eu 2017/1369)43 db(a) re 1 pW
  • Power consumption at time preselection (eu 2017/1369): 4.00 W
  • Power consumption in networked standby mode (eu 2017/1369): 2.00 W
  • Power consumption in standby mode (eu 2017/1369): 0.50 W
  • QR code (eu 2017/1369): HTTPS://EPREL.EC.EUROPa.EU/QR/753096
  • Maximum number of place settings (eu 2017/1369): 13
  • Water consumption in liters in eco program per operating cycle (eu 2017/1369): 9.5
  • Energy intelligent appliance, can optimize consumption behavior (2017/1369/EU): No
  • Wireless communication possible: Yes, built in the device
  • Network broadband technology: Not applicable
  • SIM card slot availableno
  • Communication technology usedwiFi
  • type of control interface: LaN
  • Remote upgrade possibilityno
  • Possibility of remote update for maintenance: Yes
  • Possibility of voice controlyes, with optional accessories
  • Maximum adjustable flushing temperature: 75 °c
  • Drying mode: heat exchanger+drying assistant, zeolite
  • Start time preselection max.: 24 h
  • Single basket rinse: Not possible
  • Program end display: acoustic program end signal, water inlet
  • description water safety system: 3-fold water protection 24h
  • Remaining time displayno
  • Softening systemyes
  • Low salt indicatoryes
  • Max. possible water hardness: 50°dh °fH, °dH, °clarke or mmol/l
  • Rinse deficiency indicatoryes
  • Minimum adjustable rinse temperature: 35 °c
  • Max. Water inlet temperature: 60 °c
  • Other operating optionshalf load, Home Connect function, IntensiveZone, Machine Care
  • automatic programyes
  • Interior lightingyes
  • Upper basket adjustable: Rackmatic 3-step
  • Material of the bath: upper basket, lower basket
  • Software updateyes
  • Included accessories: 1 x baking tray spray head, 1 x stainless steel facing strips
  • Selectable languages in display: en/en/fr/nl/it/el/es/pt/sv/no/fi/da/tr/ru/pl/cs/hu/hr/sl/am/fc/mex/sk/uk/ro/zh/zh-tw
  • Half load available: Yes
  • Repair index: 9.0

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Benutzeranleitung (installation instruction)

Benutzeranleitung (installation instruction)

Benutzeranleitung (Kurzanleitung)

Benutzeranleitung (instruction for use)

Benutzeranleitung (instruction for use)




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