Gaggenau cv492100, 400 series, hob with extractor hood (induction), 90 cm
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  • Flex function for combining the rectangular cooking surfaces
  • Free placement of cookware within the interconnected cooktops with automatic expansion up to 30 cm wide
  • Highly efficient ventilation system integrated in the cooktop
  • Fully automatic functions of the ventilation system
  • Large metal grease filter, easy to remove, dishwasher safe
further details
  • Flex function for combining the rectangular cooking surfaces
  • Free placement of cookware within the interconnected cooktops with automatic extension up to 30 cm wide
  • Highly efficient ventilation system integrated in the cooktop
  • Fully automatic functions of the ventilation system
  • Large-area metal grease filter, easy to remove, dishwasher safe
  • Energy-saving and low-noise fan
  • exhaust air or recirculation mode
  • Integrated activated charcoal filter for easy removal from above in recirculation mode
  • Solid stainless steel control knob coated black
  • application-related control of all functions via two-color display
Cooking zones
  • 2 flex induction cooktops 23x20 cm (2200 w, with booster 3700 w), interconnected 23x40 cm (3300 w, with booster 3700 w), with automatic extension up to 32x30 cm (3300 w, with booster 3700 w).
  • 2 Flex induction cooktops 23x20 cm (2200 w, with booster 3700 w), interconnected 23x40 cm (3300 w, with booster 3700 w), with automatic extension up to 32x30 cm (3300 w, with booster 3700 w).
Performance ventilation system
  • Performance and noise, level 3/Intensive:air performance according to en 61591.sound power level according to en 60704-3.
  • exhaust air:
  • 532 / 636 m³/h.
  • 70 / 74 dB (a) re 1 pW.
  • Recirculation:
  • 497 / 627 m³/h.
  • 67 / 72 dB (a) re 1 pW.
  • Control knob with illuminated ring, cooking zone and power markings.
  • Electronic control in 12 power levels.
  • User-friendly operation with two-color display (white / orange).
  • Regulation of the ventilation system with 3 electronically controlled power levels and 1 intensive level.
  • Flex function for rectangular cooking surfaces.
  • Roast sensor function.
  • Booster function.
  • automatic sensor-controlled power adjustment of the ventilation system.
  • automatic activation of the ventilation system when a cooking zone is in use.
  • Interval ventilation, 6 min.
  • automatic sensor-controlled or manual run-on function.
  • Grease filter and activated carbon filter saturation indicator.
  • Grease filter unit removable, dishwasher safe.
  • High quality black cover for ventilation system made of zinc die-cast, dishwasher safe.
  • Fan technology with high-efficiency brushless DC motor (BLDC).
  • Flow-optimized interior for efficient airflow.
  • Stopwatch.
  • Short-time alarm.
  • Memory function.
  • Options menu.
  • Energy management.
  • Home network integration for digital services (Home Connect) wirelessly via WiFi.
  • The use of the Home Connect function depends on the Home Connect services, which are not available in every country. For more information, visit
Consumption data
  • Energy efficiency class a on a scale of efficiency classes from a+++ to D.
  • Average energy consumption 56.9 kWh/year.
  • Fan efficiency class a.
  • Lighting efficiency class -.
  • Grease filter efficiency class B.
  • Noise min. 61 dB / max. 70 dB normal level.
  • Operation indicator.
  • Pot detection.
  • 2-stage residual heat indicator.
  • Child safety lock.
  • Safety shut-off.
  • Two-stage overflow protection removable, dishwasher safe.
  • Removable overflow container, capacity 0.9 liters, dishwasher safe.
Planning information
  • Base unit width: min. 60 cm.
  • worktop depth: min. 60 cm for unguided recirculation, min. 65 cm for guided recirculation/exhaust.
  • Immersion depth 227 mm.
  • For the unguided recirculation set (Ca 082 010), provide a vertical opening of min. 25 mm behind the back wall of the furniture. For optimum performance, 50 mm is recommended.
  • a flat duct pipe (nw 150) can be connected directly to the connection piece on the back of the unit.
  • In exhaust mode, a backflow damper with a maximum opening pressure of 65 Pa should be installed.
  • For optimum performance in recirculation mode, an outflow area of min. 400 cm² is recommended.
  • Only suitable for iron-magnetic cookware. For optimal temperature distribution, cookware with sandwich bottom is recommended.
  • For recirculation installations on non-insulated exterior walls, guided recirculation installation is recommended.
  • Pressure stable blower allows piping up to 8m with 3x90° bends while maintaining adequate performance.
  • Unit is to be mounted from below.
  • Unit weight: approx. 30 kg.
  • The unit must be freely accessible from below.
  • In case of installation of ventilation with exhaust air operation and chimney-bound fireplace, the power supply of the ventilation units must be provided with a suitable safety circuit.
  • Installation is suitable in countertops made of stone, synthetic material or solid wood. Heat resistance and waterproof sealing of cut edges must be considered. For other materials, consult with the countertop manufacturer regarding use.
  • The load-bearing capacity and stability, especially with thin worktops, must be ensured by suitable substructures. Take the weight of the unit incl. additional load into account.
  • The groove must be continuous and even to ensure that the equipment rests evenly on the seal. Do not use punctual relining.
  • The joint width may vary due to dimensional tolerances of the glass ceramic panel and the worktop cutout.
connection data
  • Total connected load 7.4 kW.
  • connection cable 1.5 m without plug.
  • Power standby/display off 0.5 W.
  • Power standby/network 2.0 W.
  • Please follow the instructions in the user manual if you want to switch off the WiFi function.

Energy efficiency class: A
Colour: Black#1
Product type: Hob with integrated extractor
device width: 90 cm
controls: Integrated into furniture front Cylinder toggle Illuminated Push-to-turn
Shipping weight: 37,00 kg
Item weight: 34,00 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ): 52,10 × 90,90 × 22,70 cm
  • Product series400 series
  • Design: Built-in
  • Controlmechanical
  • Operating elements: illuminated, integrated in furniture front, push-to-turn, cylinder knob
  • Position of the control: outside the unit
  • Main surface material: glass ceramic
  • Color applianceblack
  • Basic color of the productblack
  • Frame design: Flush
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Frequency: 50; 60 TPU00040
  • approval certificates: australia Standards, ce, EaC-Eurasian, G-Mark, Ukraine, VDE
  • Length of connection cable150 cm
  • Type of plug: without plug
  • Unit width: 90,9 cm
  • Device height22,7 cm
  • Device depth52,1 cm
  • Packed unit height43 cm
  • Depth packed product67 cm
  • Width packed product109 cm
  • Maximum niche height49,3 cm
  • Minimum niche height49,1 cm
  • Niche width maximum88,8 cm
  • Minimum niche width88,6 cm
  • Niche depth22,7 cm
  • Net weight: 29,9 kg
  • Gross weight: 32,3 kg
  • Energy consumption of the 2nd heating element per kg: 185.0 Wh/kg
  • Average annual energy consumption: 56.9 kWh/year
  • Energy efficiency index (2010/30/EU): 51.4 %
  • Air flow boosted (2010/30/EU): 636.0 m³/h
  • Max. Air flow: 532 m³/h
  • Minimum airflow: 359.0 m³/h
  • Liquid dynamic efficiency (2010/30/EU): 29.7
  • Sound power dB: 70 dB(a) re 1 pW
  • Grease filter efficiency (2010/30/EU): 94.0 %
  • Volume amplified (2010/30/EC)74 dB
  • Loudness at max. speed (2010/30/EC)70 dB
  • Loudness at min. speed (2010/30/EC)61 dB
  • Energy intelligent device, can optimize consumption behavior (2017/1369/EU)no
  • Wireless communication possibleyes, built into the unit
  • Network broadband technology: Not applicable
  • SIM card slot availableno
  • Remote upgrade capabilityno
  • Possibility of remote update for maintenanceyes
  • automatic program: Yes
  • dimensions of the 2nd cooking zone40 cm
  • dimensions of the 6th cooking zone40 cm
  • cover type: Without
  • Position of the cooking zone: front left
  • Operation control light: No
  • Position of 2nd cooking zone: center left
  • Position of 3rd cooking zone: rear left
  • Position of the 4th cooking zone: center rear
  • Position of the 5th cooking zone: rear right
  • Position of the 6th cooking zone: center right
  • Position of the 7th cooking zone: front right
  • Position of the 8th cooking zone: front center / central
  • Position of the 9th cooking zone: central
  • Main switchno
  • Electronic clockyes
  • Total fan power: 170 W
  • 2nd cooking zone power: 3.3 W
  • Power of the 6th cooking zone: 3.3 W
  • Residual heat indicator: Separate
  • Control: Stepless energy control
  • Safety devices: Power management function, safety time-out
  • type of 2nd cooking zoneinduction
  • type of 6th cooking zoneinduction
  • Mixing bowl diameter636 m³/h
  • Height of the mixing bowl: 627.0 m³/h
  • Max. Fan capacity - exhaust mode: 532 m³/h
  • Max. Fan power - recirculation: 497 m³/h
  • Odor filter: No

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Benutzeranleitung (instruction for use)

Benutzeranleitung (installation instruction)

Benutzeranleitung (instruction for use)

Benutzeranleitung (installation instruction)




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